[URBANTH-L]SUNTA Travel Reimbursement Form

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Tue Jan 18 00:09:17 EST 2005

January 8, 2005

Dear members of SUNTA,

In December, the Executive Board of the section met in Atlanta to bring in
the new officers and finalize our business for 2004. As part of our agenda,
the board discussed a procedure for ameliorating the impact of moving the
meetings upon our more financially vulnerable members.

If you did not attend the meetings in Atlanta, the AAA will reimburse your
registration fee. However, AAA will only reimburse airfare change costs for
those people who attended the Atlanta meeting, and the SUNTA board has
decided that members of limited means who did not attend the meetings due to
other commitments or for reasons of principle should also receive
compensation for their travel expenses. SUNTA is therefore establishing its
own separate fund to reimburse uncompensated airfare costs incurred by our
members who did not attend the meetings in Atlanta. Members who wish to
contribute to this fund should send a check made out to the AAA to the
address below with a note in the memo line that the check is intended for
SUNTA's account. SUNTA is not a legal entity, but rather a subset of the
AAA, so we therefore cannot accept checks or monies in our own right. SUNTA
will nevertheless track and account for these funds separately.

Since our resources are limited, the compensation offer is not open to
members who hold full-time, permanent (tenure-track or the equivalent)
employment at a US institution/company. At this point we do not know how
many claims we will receive and whether it will be possible to honor them
all fully, however we will do our best. If you will request compensation,
please inform me by email in advance with an estimate of your desired
compensation so that we can get a sense of the amount we will need.

If you would like to make a claim, please fill in and print out the attached
form and send to the below address, accompanied by the following materials:

(1) a receipt giving evidence of the cancellation cost itself, such as a
copy of the payment for the ticket

(2) A copy of the registration fee refund from the AAA (proof that you did
not attend the meetings in Atlanta)

(3) If you have made a claim that AAA has rejected or only partially
reimbursed, we need copies of your correspondence with the AAA (namely, your
claim and the AAA response).

Send the form and documentation to

Anne S. Lewinson (SUNTA Treasurer)
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Berry College
495010 Mount Berry Station
Mount Berry, GA   30149-5010       USA

If you have any questions or trouble opening the form, feel free to contact
me at alewinson at berry.edu. We will begin reimbursing claims in January.

To ensure a timely disbursal of funds, any claim must be received by
February 15, 2005.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Anne Lewinson
SUNTA Treasurer


Reimbursement Request for travel expenses to 2004 AAA Meeting in San

Name: __________________________________________________________

Institutional affiliation and position (if any):

Mailing address:_________________________________________________________



AAA member number: ____________________________________________

Total compensation requested (travel expenses to San Francisco which were
NOT reimbursed by the AAA): US$__________________________________


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