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Race and Ethnicity in an Urban World, Volume Eight, Research in Urban Sociology
Edited by Ray Hutchison and Jerry Krase
Call for Papers Deadline:	2005-04-01

Cities across the globe are more diverse than at any time in human history.
Earlier models of race and ethnic relations seem unable to explain changes
brought about by post-colonial migrations. We seek contributions on
post-colonial migrations to urban areas, on the changing nature of social
constructions of race, and the importance of incorporating new models into urban

The study of racial and ethnic communities has been at the core of urban
sociology from the very beginning, and the recent immigration of new population
groups to American cities brought about fascinating change in the ethnic and
racial composition of cities and suburbs, intergroup relations within urban
communities, and other areas. Twenty years ago, studies of segregation compared
black and white residential patterns, while today any such analysis is
incomplete without consideration of various Hispanic/Latino and Asian
populations (and without some sort of explanation as to why the segregation
patterns of these groups is so different from that of African Americans. In the
broader field of race and ethnic relations, assimilationist models (implicit in
the segregation indexes used in urban sociology) have been replaced by a variety
of social interaction and racial formation models. In this volume, we would like
to see a range of studies showing how those who study community and urban
society have responded to the population changes under way in both larger and
smaller communities (perhaps including field studies and ethnographic studies of
individual communities), theoretical essays which explore the changes in race
and ethnic relations in contemporary urban societies (and how urbanologists must
respond to these changes), as well as 'revisions' to current empirical models
which might help us to better explain the changes occurring in urban life as a
consequence of the new immigration and expansion of ethnic and racial groups in
contemporary society.

Volume Seven of Research in Urban Sociology, Race and Ethnicity in New York
City, has just been published by Elsevier Press. Contents of that volume and
others in the series may be viewed at the following web address.

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