[URBANTH-L]CFP: Panel on Rural-Rural Migration, AAA

bvergara at sfsu.edu bvergara at sfsu.edu
Mon Mar 21 09:49:23 EST 2005

Panel on Rural-Rural Migration at 2005 AAA Meeting in Washington DC
Location:	District of Columbia, United States
Call for Papers Deadline:	2005-03-24 (in 3 days)

***Call for papers for a panel on Rural-Rural Migration at the upcoming American
Anthropological Association annual meeting to be held in Washington DC, Nov
30-Dec 4, 2005.****

We are seeking three more papers on the topic of rural-to-rural migration in the
developing world for a panel we are proposing for the 2005 AAAs. While much
recent anthropological research has focused on rural-to-urban migration and
international migration, rural-to-rural migration remains understudied by many.
Our panel hopes to look at rural-rural migration in historical and ethnographic
perspective, and to use papers from a wide variety of case studies from
different parts of the world. We currently have a paper on Vietnam and one on
Indonesia. We would ideally like additional papers that highlight case studies
from South Asia, Africa or Latin America.

The deadline for panel submissions is April 1, 2005. Thus, we would like to get
any indications of interest ASAP, and paper abstracts no later than March 24.
Please send an email indicating your interest and a proposed paper topic to the
e-mail address provided below. Additionally, if anyone would like to participate
but cannot complete a paper in time, we would consider them for the role of
discussant for the panel.

	Pam McElwee
Program on Agrarian Studies
Yale University
89 Trumbull
New Haven CT 06520
Email: pamela.mcelwee at aya.yale.edu

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