[URBANTH-L]the week Paris burned/ Parisian Publics??

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Ella Shohat's excellent article "Post-Third-Worldist
Culture" (found in Feminist Geneologies, Colonial
Legacies, Democratic Futures) covers a very broad
range of films that would be very appropriate. I've
seen The Silences of the Palace, which is set at the
end of colonial rule in Tunisia. This might be a great
film to show.


--- "Huda N. Mustafa" <hmustaf at LearnLink.Emory.Edu>

> Does anyone have any references, ideas, films, etc.
> that might help us
> understand and teach about 
> not only the riots and broader context but the
> parameters of (counter-)
> publics/ public spheres/ 
> democratic deliberation the absence of which (at
> least the latter) the riots
> "speak." 
> thanks, Hudita
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