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Women as Global Leaders 2006: Communities in Transition

March 12-14, 2006
Zayed University
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Call for Papers
Community forms the basis of social, economic, political, and religious life and it is within communities that we have our most intimate access to and investment in leadership. Often people speak of community as something deeply traditional, evoking ideas of close social relations, entrenched values, and continuity over time. Increasingly, though, as communities across the globe experience significant changes in both population and scope, community is perceived through a uniquely modern lens. Women joining the workforce, people moving for employment or education, poverty rates increasing, global capitalism expanding, and access to healthcare and disease changing all result in communities experiencing deep and significant changes that affect all members. Moreover, many problems or conditions are no longer perceived as specifically global or local as communities across the globe face similar challenges in health, education, social roles, the environment, and leadership-but with different concerns. 

Whether leaders operate on the grassroots level or in formal positions, they must not only manage these changes but also direct them as change agents, envisioning what the future should look like for their constituencies. Women actively take both informal and formal roles within their communities, leading from all levels and not simply from home or positions of authority. Moreover, women find themselves at the center of conversations about transition as changing gender roles emerge as the focal point, catalyst, and consequence of change. For women leaders, communities going through transition significantly influence all levels of daily life.

Several conference subthemes have been identified, and submissions are encouraged to address any theme; submissions across themes are also welcome. 

For a full description of each subtheme, see the conference Web site at www.zuglobaleaders.org.

1.	Service Learning and Volunteerism: Educating Tomorrow's Leaders?
2.	Community Organizations and Networks: Women's Leadership, Roles, and Expectations 
3.	Partnering for Change: Social Capital and Leadership
4.	Community Transformations: Societal Change and Leadership
5.	Leaders as Change Agents: Local Action for Global Problems 
6.	Leading the Future: Vision, Imagination, and New Forms of Community in the Modern World
7.	Women in Public and Private Spaces: Building and Sustaining Community

Conference presentations may be in the form of an academic paper, panel discussion, poster session or workshop.

The conference format will include presentations by prominent world leaders and personalities, and opportunities for participants to interact with these leaders, as well as papers, presentations and workshops. While student participation is limited to female students, leadership practitioners and educators of both genders are invited. Parallel and interactive sessions are planned for all participants, and all sessions will be in English.

Deadline for Program Submissions: January 1, 2006

Submit proposals online at www.zuglobaleaders.org. 

Contact Information

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Supervisor of Publications

Elizabeth Faier
Director of Leadership Education

Zayed University
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