[URBANTH-L]Book ANN: Trager, ed., _Migration and Economy_

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Thu Nov 17 17:44:49 EST 2005

Lilian Trager, a long-time member of SUNTA, announces the 
publication of a new SEA volume, _Migration and Economy: 
Local and Global Dynamics_. Please see the below book 
description for further details. - AJ

Book Announcement:

Lillian Trager has edited the newest volume in the Society for Economic
Series, Migration and Economy: Local and Global Dynamics (Altamira Press,
Society for Economic Anthropology Monograph Series #22), 2005.
Trager and her coauthors focus on migration not as a single event but as a
dynamic process that responds to and is shaped by broader economic,
cultural and social forces. Individual essays consider issues of
international and internal migration, of voluntary migration and forced
movements due to civil conflicts and environmental degradation, and of
macro-level forces and micro-level institutions. The authors investigate a
wide variety of types of mobility, describe transnational and multilocal
networks through which remittances and other flows take place; focus on
migrants as active agents; and examine the impacts of ethnicity and
assimilation. They offer original studies on Mexico, Puerto Rico, West
Africa, Kazakstan, and Mozambique. This new volume will be a valuable
resource for researchers and practitioners in development anthropology,
migration studies, and international planning and policy.  The book
includes an introduction by Lillian Trager which provides an overview and
analysis of recent migration research, and chapters by Ricardo Perez;
Dolores Koenig; Jeffrey Cohen; Meltem Sancak and Peter Finke; Sasha
Newell; Silvia Grigolini; Lillian Trager; Stephen Lubkemann; Robyn

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