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Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Tue Nov 22 14:49:43 EST 2005

Family Research Consortium (FRC)

Application Deadline: Postmarked by January 13, 2006

The Family Research Consortium (FRC) IV announces the availability of four
(4), two-year postdoctoral positions beginning July 1, 2006. The program
provides research training in theoretical, methodological, and substantive
issues concerning transitions, family processes and mental health, and the
burden of mental illness and psychiatric disorders, in ethnic/racial and
socio-economically diverse populations.

Four types of transitions are emphasized:
* life course, including biologically-rooted and stage-related change
* traumas, including loss and unusually stressful events
* geographical, including immigration and migration
* economic, including poverty and job change or loss

The training is multi-disciplinary in content, involves mentoring from a
diverse faculty across the United States, and emphasizes multiple levels of
investigation from the biological correlates of individual adjustment to the
social context of family functioning. Each trainee will have a primary
appointment at one of eleven (11) universities represented by Family
Research Consortium IV faculty. Trainees will also be involved in the Summer
Institutes held annually by the FRC IV, as well as research workshops,
seminars, research initiatives, and coursework consistent with their
professional objectives. Descriptions of the FRC IV, postdoctoral fellowship
program, faculty and research sites, as well as application forms, are
provided on the website: http://cultureandhealth.ucla.edu/frc4/ All eligible
applicants must be either a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident. Inquiries
may be directed to: FRC4 at ucla.edu

Contact Information
Email: FRC4 at ucla.edu
URL http://cultureandhealth.ucla.edu/frc4/

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