[URBANTH-L]Call for Abstracts for SfAA session abstracts: Domestic Anthropology: Making the Invisible Visible

Laura Eichelberger lpeichel at email.arizona.edu
Mon Oct 3 18:32:35 EDT 2005

Call for Abstracts for Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) session
Session title: Domestic Anthropology: Making the Invisible Visible
Description: We seek several participants for a SfAA session to be held at the
upcoming meeting in Vancouver, B.C. from March 28-April 2, 2006. 
We work with populations within the US who in various ways are often
be rendered ?invisible? (specifically, immigrants and teenagers) and seek to
explore how these and other populations can be made more visible in the context
of US-based
anthropology. Participants who work in border populations or with those not
  ?traditionally? studied by anthropologists are welcome to submit. 

Part of our motivation is to address the question (set forth by the SfAA in
their Annual Meeting description) of what role professionals should take to
best understand and resolve contemporary problems. Participants in this session
should also consider one or more of the following questions in relation to their
1) How does your work shed light on issues that may (or may not) be focused on
abroad but receive little attention at home?
2) What does ?domestic anthropology? mean to you?
3) Where is your ?field? in which you conduct fieldwork? (This question was
prompted by changing technological capabilities but other interpretations also
4) What are some problems you have encountered while conducting domestic
Because the deadline for submission of abstracts is October 15, 2005, we ask
interested individuals to send their name, contact email, proposed paper title
and brief description to one of the session organizers, Laura Eichelberger
(lpeichel at email.arizona.edu) or Kay Orzech (kmcelvee at email.arizona.edu) by
Sunday OCTOBER 9, 2005.  We will review submissions promptly after that date.
Please feel free to forward this email and to contact us if you have any
Laura Eichelberger, MA
Department of Anthropology
University of Arizona, Tucson

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