[URBANTH-L]ANN: Gendering the Diaspora, Race-ing the Transnational

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Sat Sep 10 15:45:24 EDT 2005

17-19 November 2005, Duke University

Feminists Theorizing Differences, Hegemonies and Diasporic Formations

How might diaspora studies and transnational feminism be placed in
productive dialogue?

In what way is gender central to the production of diaspora?

How might we see diasporas as differentiated spaces - by time, place,
class and generation?

How might racial formation be seen as central to the project of feminist

transnational critique into an extended conversation with scholarship on
the African Diaspora to think critically about some of the various
"hegemonies" that have shaped these fields. Focusing on questions of
intra-diasporic linkages, unequal circulations and configurations of
culture, power, and politics, the conference aims to formulate a
gendered transnational analysis of the relations of Diaspora that rethinks
implications of globalization in generative and dynamic ways.

Keynote Speakers: Hazel Carby (Yale) and Inderpal Grewal (UC-Irvine)

Speakers, Respondents and Moderators:

Suki Ali                       LSE
Claire Alexander             LSE
Avtar Brah           Birbeck
Jacqueline Nassy Brown   CUNY
Tina Campt              Duke
Hazel V. Carby          Yale
Ben Carrington              UT-Austin
Michaeline Crichlow    Duke
Paulla Ebron                Stanford
Kesha Fikes             U Chicago
Inderpal Grewal                UC Irvine
Saidiya Hartman                UC Berkeley
Barnor Hesse         Northwestern
Karla F.C. Holloway Duke
Bayo Holsey         Duke
John L. Jackson             Duke
Jayne Ifekwunigwe           UEL/Duke
Ranjana Khanna          Duke
Maureen Mahon               UCLA
Anne-Maria Makhulu  Duke
Mark Anthony Neal   Duke
Harvey Neptune              Temple
Denise Noble              Goldsmiths
Charles Piot            Duke
Jemima Pierre               UT-Austin
Priti Ramamurthy               Washington
Lena Sawyer           Mid-Sweden U
Deborah Thomas              Duke
Alissa Trotz                Toronto
Rinaldo Walcott          Toronto
Maurice Wallace          Duke
Michelle M. Wright  Minnesota
Megan Wesling           UCSD
Robyn Wiegman               Duke

The symposium is free, but space is limited. To register, please email
phoffman at duke.edu.
For more information on times and locations, please visit our website:
http://www.duke.edu/womstud/Hegemonies.html, or contact Women's Studies
at Duke at (919) 684-3655.

This symposium has been made possible by the generous funding of the
following Duke Programs:
Program in Women's Studies, Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary Studies,
Department of Cultural Anthropology, Institute for Critical US Studies,
Program in African and African American Studies, Center for European
Studies, Center for International Studies, Center for International
Development Research, Comparative Area Studies, Franklin Humanities
Institute, Franklin Institute "Risky Knowledge Project," and the Kenan
Institute for Ethics.


Tina M. Campt, Associate Professor
Interim Director
Program in Women's Studies
Duke University
210 East Duke Building
Durham, NC 27708

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