[URBANTH-L]Story Collection in New Orleans

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Wed Sep 21 13:06:13 EDT 2005

Dear All,

The People's Hurricane Relief Fund is looking for  
"story collectors."  This could be an interesting 
collaboration opportunity for anthropologists 
based in the region. -AJ


** collect stories from displaced New Orleanians on
their experiences during and since the storm, as well
as their ideas about what they would like to see in a
reconstructed New Orleans*

** publish and otherwise make available the findings of
this research for use in activism and influencing
reconstruction policy*

Contact: Rachel Breunlin, Neighborhood Storybook
Project (rbreunlin at yahoo.com)

About the People's Hurricane Relief Fund -

Since Hurricane Katrina, Community Labor United - a New
Orleans based coalition dedicated to creating spaces
for grassroots organizations to dialogue, strategize,
and build collective work-- has been facilitating the
development of a Peoples' Hurricane Relief Fund &
Oversight Coalition.  Due to the enormity of the task
ahead of us and the many different areas of work that
need to be addressed, it has become clear that a
national coalition must form to take on this project.

Many of you have read the initial demands of the
Peoples Hurricane Relief Fund & Oversight Coalition.
The document here below attempts to further specify the
goals and objectives of this coalition effort, and to
communicate a basic framework for organizing the
massive body of work before us.   We also outline here
a few of the many tasks we need folks to take
responsibility for.

Some of the work groups already have contact people so
if you are interested in these work groups, please
email the provided contact.   They will be convening
conference call meetings in the near future to include
new volunteers.  There will be a retreat at the end of
the month (September 30) and each work group should
send a representative to present a report of your work
and future work plans.   The meeting space will be
announced shortly.

Some of the work groups do not yet have contact people.
If you are willing to be the contact, please email
Becky at bbelcore at hotmail.com.  Also, if you are
interested in doing certain tasks not related to any
committee, please email Becky Belcore
<bbelcore at hotmail.com>

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