[URBANTH-L]CFP: Transitional Spaces and Transitional Processes (Volos)

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Mon Sep 26 22:46:01 EDT 2005

-E.S.R.E.A. (European Society for Research on the Education of Adults)

Life History and Biography Network, Conference
Volos 2-6 march 2006

Transitional Spaces and Transitional Processes

First Call for Papers

The 2006 Conference is being organised in cooperation with the University
of Thessaly, the Greek Society of Clinical Social Research, and the
Municipal Centre for the History Archive of Volos (DIKI). It will take
place in Volos from Wednesday 2nd March to Sunday 6th March 2006.

Conference Theme

We live in a world where social structures and social relations are
undergoing continuous change in both private and public spheres of life.
Both individuals and collectivities can no longer rely on certainties
acquired through traditional knowledge and experience. It is imperative to
explore this changing reality in different sectors of life in order to
understand our location in this new epoch. The life history approach is a
suitable methodology for understanding these matters. The 2006 Conference
will explore the implications of story telling, biographical,
auto/biographical and life history research in relation to transitional
spaces and transitional processes. The way we used to think of and
understand such spaces as education and learning, community, social
politics, work, family, health needs to be reconsidered, reanalyzed and
re-theorized. Consequently, processes need to change in a wide range of
spheres, from the social and the political to the clinical. In some of
these spheres new processes are already emerging. We would like to
encourage participants to write about their experience in similar
situations. We welcome both theoretically driven or empirically
substantiated papers from different disciplines in the humanities and
social sciences.

Conference Sub-themes

-Education and Learning: life-long learning, democracy and education, adult
& children¹s education, teacher training.
-Identities and Selves: the dialogical self, the narrated and narrating
self, the self and the other.
-Social and political spaces and processes of globalization: from above,
from below and in-between.
-Transitions and transformations of the local, regional, national, global
economic and social structures.
-Community and exclusion: migration and belonging, dialogue and narration,
poverty, borders and boundaries, ethnicity, gender, travel.
-Labor relations and employment spaces: changes in work concepts and
processes, technology and virtual work communities, work ethics.
-The politics of war and terrorism: the nation and the nation-state,
violence and cultural fear, religion.
-Artistic spaces and processes: music, literature, theatre, performance,
visual arts and architecture.
 -Health and healing: new therapeutic relations in the clinical practice,
individual and group therapy, alternative medicine, family.

Proposals for papers, workshops, etc. should be submitted by 15th January
2006 to Dr. Anastasia Christou, avidali at uth.gr, in electronic form. Your
proposal should consist of a covering page with an abstract of no more than
one page A4, font size 12, describing the content. It should be marked only
with the title of your proposal. The proposals will be blind reviewed by
the Scientific Committee and acceptance will be confirmed no later than the
10th of February.

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