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The National Science Foundation sponsors several methods training programs
for cultural anthropologists. information on all of these programs and
application forms are available at the methods mall.

I. the SIRD is the summer institute on research design in cultural
anthropology. now in its 11th year, the SIRD is directed by Jeffrey Johnson,
and is funded by a grant from NSF to East Carolina University. The
co-directors are Susan Weller and H. Russell Bernard. the SIRD is open to
all graduate students of cultural anthropology. students who are developing
dissertation projects of preparing dissertation proposals are particularly
encouraged to apply. full details at the methods mall.

II. the SFTM is the summer field training program (field schools) on methods
of data collection in cultural anthropology. the SFTM is open to all
graduate students of cultural anthropology. The SFTM has two programs
supported by a grant from the national science foundation to brandeis
university. one program is in the bolivian amazon among the tsimane' and is
directed by ricardo godoy. faculty on the bolivian program include Victoria
Reyes-García and Tomás Huanca (cultural anthropology), william leonard and
Thomas Mcdade (physical anthropology), and Vincent Vadez (Agronomy). the
other field school is in Zambia among citonga speaking peoples, and is
directed by Lisa Cliggett. faculty include Deborah Crooks (anthropology) and
John Unruh (geography). training in both field schools focuses on methods to
collect ecological, cognitive, demographic, economic, demographic
anthropometric, and health data. full details at the methods mall.

III. the SCRM is the short courses program in research methods in cultural
anthropology. the SCRM is for those who already have the ph.d. and who want
to broaden or improve their skills. The SCRM is supported by a grant from
NSF to the Unviersity of Florida and is directed by H. Russell Bernard, Jean
Ensminger, Jeffrey Johnson, Carmella Moore, Eric Smith, and Susan Weller.
Three five-day courses are offered in summer 2006: (1) text analysis (Gery
Ryan and Lance Gravlee); (2) survey methods for anthropologists (william
Dressler and Kathryn Oths); (3) methods in ethnobiology (Gary Martin and
John Richard Stepp). Full details at the methods mall.

Contact Information
H. Russell Bernard
Email: ufruss at ufl.edu
URL http://http://www.qualquant.net/training/

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