[URBANTH-L]CFP: From the 'City Beautiful' to the 'Beautiful' in the City

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Wed Apr 19 18:34:07 EDT 2006

INTERDISCIPLINARY CONFERENCE CFP for the November 23-24, 2007, Conference in 
Tours, France

The Conference that the Centre of Urban History of the University of Tours 
will hold on November 23 and 24, 2007, will address with the importance of 
'the Beautiful' in cities from Antiquity to the present times. It is to be 
understood as a multi-disciplinary event, with submissions ranging from 
history to art history, town planning, philosophy, and the like. Neither are 
there any specifications about the time span; however, priority will be 
given to submissions which will allow the organisation of consistent 

The following is a non-exclusive set of ideas:

-the changing meaning of 'the Beautiful' across space and time
-at what stage of the urbanization process did people think of 'the 
Beautiful' as a relevant item?
-what about the conservation of 'the Beautiful' as a significant item of 
urban planning, and its recurrent architectural use, be it in Old, or New, 
World cities?
-the way urban aesthetics were ordained by their various actors (the 
Establishment, individuals, markets, or the state)
-the use(s) of the 'Beautiful' in the City, be they private or public, 
hidden or open;
-the interaction(s) between 'the Beautiful' and urban identity.

Single paper proposals should include title, abstract (c. 300 words) and 
contact information. They are to be sent to the research center 
(cehvi at univ-tours.fr) or to Prof. Philippe Chassaigne, Director of the 
Centre of Urban History (philchassaigne at hotmail.com).

Deadline: November 30, 2006.

Prof. Philippe Chassaigne
Dept. of History
University of Tours
3 rue des Tanneurs
37000 Tours

Email: philchassaigne at hotmail.com 

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