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Call for Papers

Kasarinlan: Philippine Journal of Third World Studies is now accepting
papers for its 2007 issue on Migration.


Kasarinlan (ISSN 0116–0923) is an internationally refereed journal published
twice a year by the Third World Studies Center, College of Social Sciences
and Philosophy, University of the Philippines-Diliman that provides a forum
for critical and interdisciplinary perspectives on the Philippines and the
Third World with special reference to political economy.




In the last couple of decades, the movement of people from Third World
societies to more developed countries has increased in magnitude and
pervasiveness—part of the so-called globalization of migration.

Transnational movements of people are expected to continue due to persistent
economic and political uncertainties in less developed countries as a result
of many factors: destabilization due to ethnic strife and civil wars in the
post-Cold War era, the persistence of poverty and deepening of economic
inequality on a global scale; and the unabated population growth,
dysfunctional urbanization and deteriorating environmental conditions in the
Third World.


Moreover, internal conflicts in various parts of the globe have exacerbated
the phenomenon of forced migration which brings to the fore the conflict
between the efforts of sovereign states to protect their boundaries
vis-à-vis the human rights of the refugees, leading to hotly contested
debates about the future character of migration management systems. These
issues are not merely of empirical or policy interest. They also draw
attention to core theoretical debates on issues which are at the heart of
national and international politics—citizenship, resilience of sovereignty,
and structural consequences of a rapidly globalizing economy.

Migrant trafficking and its implication on national and regional security is
another issue that has to be analyzed. Transnational migration has likewise
brought about the resurgence of neo-nationalism and right-wing political
groups opposed to the entry and settlement of migrants in relatively more
prosperous countries.


This special issue of Kasarinlan focuses on key issues of debate on
migration including recent theoretical formulations on the subject. The
general topics of the special issue may include, but are not limited to
migratory sending contexts and migration's consequences: means and modes of
migration, the impacts of migration on receiving and sending societies,
migration control and management regimes, histories of Third World peoples'
migrations, and the emergence of migrants' transnational social movements.


The journal is interested in publishing theoretically grounded papers based
on original empirical research that is cogent and concise.

Interested contributors must submit a draft article of at least 6,000 but
not more than 8,000 words. The word count excludes the article's abstract of
at most 300 words and the keywords (at least six) relating to the main
topics discussed in the paper. Contributors must strictly follow the Chicago
Manual of Style, 15th ed. and must cite their sources with care, precision,
and honesty. It is assumed that manuscripts submitted for publication have
not been published in print or electronically, in any other journal or some
other form of publication, or submitted for possible publication elsewhere.
Kasarinlan only accommodates unpublished articles with a high degree of
scholarship. See this link for the complete Notes for Contributors:

http://www.upd.edu.ph/~twsc/publications_kasarinlan-notes.html .




All inquiries concerning the submission of articles should be addressed to:




The Editor




Philippine Journal of Third World Studies


Third World Studies Center


Basement Palma Hall


College of Social Sciences and Philosophy


University of the Philippines


Diliman, Quezon City 1101




P.O. Box 210


Telefax: +63 2 920 5428


              +63 2 981 8500 ext. 2442


E-mail: kasarinlan at up.edu.ph


            kasarinlan at gmail.com




Deadline for submission of papers is on October 31, 2006.



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