[URBANTH-L]Call for Reviewers: Anthropology Review Database (ARD)

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Wed Aug 16 18:10:36 EDT 2006

From: aron Peron Ogletree <aaronparonogletree at yahoo.com>

 If there is a book that you are interested in reviewing contact the 
Anthropology Review Database (ARD). The ARD is an academic journal dedicated 
to promoting anthropological literature, and is innovative in adopting a 
totally electronic mode of publication. The purpose of the ARD is to improve 
the level of access of anthropologists to recent scholarship by making them 
more aware of what is being published and helping them to evaluate its 
relevance to their own interests. We welcome writers from diverse 
backgrounds that can and are willing to provide fresh insight into recently 
published books. Please, note that the ARD welcome reviews on anthropology, 
politics, ethics, sociology, archaeology, and economics.

I can be contacted at the e-mail address listed above if you are interesting 
in reviewing books on anthropology. We will work together to find a book for 
you to review that you will enjoy reading. For more detailed submission 
guidelines and contact information, please visit our website at 
http://wings.buffalo.edu/ARD/. I look forward to working with from you!

Visit the website: http://wings.buffalo.edu/ARD/ 

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