[URBANTH-L]Invitation to Join SUNTA

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Wed Dec 6 13:53:16 EST 2006

Dear Colleagues,

It was nice to see many of you at the 2006 AAA meetings in San Jose. 
Following our annual meetings I'd like to extend an invitation to all 
URBANTH-L subscribers who are not members of the Society of 
Urban, National and Transnational/Global Anthropology (SUNTA) to 
consider joining the organization that sponsors this listserv and many 
other valuable activities.

SUNTA (www.sunta.org), a section of the American Anthropological
Association, concerns itself with theories, problems, processes, and
institutions of urban, national and transnational life. Urban life and
problems in the modern world are interrelated with national and
transnational institutions (especially globalizing capitalism), processes,
and forces. 

SUNTA's 700+ members, a number of whom reside outside the U.S.A.,
include academic, practitioner/applied, and student anthropologists.
Members' expertise covers most nations (including the U.S.A.) of the
world and their cities. In addition to conducting original research many
SUNTA members work in or with private and public agencies dealing 
with social problems, development, and policy formation. SUNTA 
publishes a journal, CITY & SOCIETY, runs a web site and listserv 
with up-to-date news and other material of relevance, and offers other 
publications for the benefit of its members and the public at large.  
It also sponsors a Working Group on Poverty concerned with policy-
related issues. Student members of SUNTA receive an opportunity 
for mentorship and experience in sectional participation. International 
scholars, full-time practitioners, and scholars from related disciplines 
with similar interests are also warmly welcomed to join.  

SUNTA membership is $33 for professionals, $15 for students, $20 
for associate members, and $20 for "Group B" internationals. To join, 
you must be a member of the American Anthropological Association. 
AAA membership dues ranges from $65.00 to $175.00, based upon 
income level. The AAA also has special rates for international scholars 
($130 for "Group A" countries, $30 for "Group B" countries), and for 
nonanthropologists ($110).   To join, or for more information, please 
see the AAA's membership web page, at:



Angela Jancius
Urbanth-L Coordinator

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