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I woud recommend Rory Stewart's The Prince of the Marshes and Other
Occupational Hazards of a Year in Iraq (Harcourt, 2006).  Stewart served
in the CPA for a year in two southern Iraqi provinces, and provides a
vivid account of deaing with the CPA administration in Baghdad on one
hand and three large militias in his area on the other.   Countless are
the many dilemmas he encounters in an effort foster a degree of
stability, growth, and democracy.  While the book isn't a (traditional)
ethnography, he writes well and makes references to earlier studies of
Marsh Arabs and postwar rebuilding efforts.  Also, students in my
Peoples and Cultures of the MIddle East course liked it.

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>>> "Mark A. Schuller" <marky at umail.ucsb.edu> 12/08/06 3:21 PM >>>
Hello all,

I feel like i should know the answer to this question, but does anyone  
know of a good ethnography of contemporary (2003 and beyond) Iraq?

Thank you in advance.

-Mark Schuller

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