[URBANTH-L] CFP: International Conference Urban Conditions and Life Chances (Amsterdam)

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Wed Jan 4 15:09:15 EST 2006


International Conference Urban Conditions and Life Chances
6th - 8th July 2006
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This is an international conference of the Amsterdam institute for
Metropolitan and International Development Studies, co-organized by the
Research and Training Network UrbEurope.

The conference will be an interdisciplinary meeting, open to geographers,
political scientists, sociologists, economists, anthropologists, planners
and other social scientists.

Conference Format

The conference will be organized in two types of sessions:

-      Plenary sessions in the morning where invited keynote speakers will
debate recent research developments and questions related to various aspects
of the conference theme.
-      Workshops in the afternoon will be focused on issues proposed by
participants to expose different dimensions of urban conditions and life
chances; selected participants will present their papers for discussion.


-     Social interactions and dynamics in the urban region
-     Life courses and time-space behaviour
-     Urban conditions for creative knowledge
-     Area-based urban programmes and new local governance
-    The urban context and exclusion

 How to participate?

Participants should register by email in order to have access to the
conference venue. This can be done online at

How to submit a paper

Paper abstracts can be submitted by filling out the registration form at the
above mentioned site. Tick the workshop you are interested to participate in
and copy/ paste your abstract under point 12.


-       Sending abstracts (April 3rd)
-       Sending papers (May 1st)
-       Final program (June 1st)
-       On-line Registration (June 1st)

More information

For more conference information, please check our site
www.fmg.uva.nl/amidst/conference.cfm or contact Bettina Springer:
bspringer at FMG.UVA.NL

Regards from Amsterdam

Marco Bontje

Marco Bontje
Research institute AMIDSt
Dept of Geography, Planning & Int. Development Studies
University of Amsterdam
Nieuwe Prinsengracht 130
1018 VZ Amsterdam, Netherlands
M.A.Bontje at uva.nl


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