[URBANTH-L]CFP: Proposals for "urban space" seminars at the 4th ESF

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Wed Jan 4 16:14:29 EST 2006

Proposals for "urban space" seminars at the 4th ESF
Deadline: 4/1/2006


The Initiative for the Right to City - a campaign group from Athens -
proposes 4 dialogue events to
the 'consulta' of the 4th ESF. Those initial proposals intend to be broad
and coherent, focusing in one
wide area of urban politics, so as to facilitate the participation and
contributions of a diversity of urban
social actors from all regions of Europe and the Mediterranian.

Other specific topics and inputs can/must be approached through several
workshops and
meetings/dialogue tables organised in the framework of the 'urban space'.

We are proposing these broad themes as suggestions, open to reformulations
and merging with other
similar ones, already or to be submitted, right before the Vienna EPA, in
order to contribute to the
work of the ESF Programme Committee and in the face of a longer consultation
procedure that will
eventually lead to the formulation of the final programme.

In this 'consulta' process, people and groups interested in the formulation
of the urban thematic must
take an active role, using the http://workspace.fse-esf.org and the
urbanforum06 at riseup.net email
list, in order to assure the construction of a coherent and balanced
structure of seminars / workshops,
that do not overlap each other and can reflect all diverse sensitivities and
actions of urban social

Suggested themes:

seminar proposal 1:
Globalising cities: economic, social, spatial restructurings
indicative sub-themes:
- mega-events - Olympics
- privatizations of public space
- real estate speculation
- entrepreneurial / 'competing' cities

seminar proposal 2:
Social exclusion in contemporary city
indicative sub-themes:
- different forms of exclusions
- inequalities and struggles for recognition
- revolt in Paris suburbs

seminar proposal 3:
City & Democracy: Planning, participation and social control
indicative sub-themes:
- a move from local government to 'governance'?
- what role for public planning
- 'participation': power to the people or legitimating?
- autonomous citizens' movements

seminar proposal 4:
Social movements, resistances and the 'right to the city'
indicative sub-themes:
- exchange of experiences from different struggles
- innovative ways to (re-)appropriate city space
- common campaigns for the Right to the City

To view and contribute to these suggested seminars:
Contact person of "Initiative for the Right to the City":
Haris Konstantatos - h_konstantatos at yahoo.gr

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