[URBANTH-L]AAA meetings in San Jose: Call for papers and panels

David W. Haines dhaines1 at gmu.edu
Mon Jan 16 17:36:02 EST 2006

To: 	SUNTA members

Re: 	Call for papers and panels, AAA meeting in San Jose, November 15-19, 2006

From:	David Haines, SUNTA president-elect and program chair

The following is the basic information for panel and paper 
submissions for the San Jose AAA meeting. Full details are in the AN 
and on-line. Do note that there is a separate deadline of March 1 to 
SUNTA for any panels seeking "invited" status.

Theme: The program theme is "Critical Intersections/Dangerous 
Issues." It is described in the January AN and is also on line. The 
theme will probably be congenial--or at least usable--for most SUNTA 
members. Remember that there are two stages of review: by SUNTA and 
by the AAA. Some clear relevance to the theme is thus advisable.

Deadline: The deadline for submission to the AAA of panels, papers, 
and posters will be March 31. It would also be extremely helpful 
(although not required) if you can let me know by email what you have 
submitted (at least title and participants) so that I can track it 
through the AAA if necessary.

Requirements: Panel requirements remain the same with provision both 
for single sessions (up to seven fifteen-minute slots for papers or 
discussants) and double sessions (up to fourteen slots). Panel 
abstracts can be up to 500 words; paper abstracts up to 250 words. It 
is strongly recommended that panels be coherently presented (e.g., 
that the papers are invoked in the panel abstract and that the panel 
is invoked in the paper abstracts).

Individual papers: You can, of course, also individually submit 
papers. This past year, individually volunteered papers fared rather 
well. They are combined into sessions by SUNTA, and I certainly try 
to make those sessions as coherent as possible.

Invited sessions: If you wish to have a panel considered for 
"invited" status, it must be submitted to SUNTA by March 1.

Alternative formats: Please consider alternative presentation 
formats. For example, instead of a normal double panel, you might 
want to consider a regular panel followed by a "poster" session 
(e.g., overview in one, research or application in the other). If you 
wish to do a smaller, more relaxed panel (e.g., three or four papers 
in dialogue with each other), we may be able to schedule simultaneous 
round tables. Finally, if your work might fit into a workshop format, 
please consider that as well. Use of such alternative approaches will 
generally increase the odds of acceptance.

Networking: If you have ideas for panels--or are looking for papers 
for your panel or a panel for your paper--send a short note either to 
me or to Angela Jancius (acjancius at ysu.edu) for relay out to the 
SUNTA listserv.

Questions are welcome.

David Haines
SUNTA president-elect and program chair

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