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Tue Jan 17 15:27:19 EST 2006

University of Maryland Field School in Historic Archaeology

ANTH 496/696 (6 cr.) Summer Session I - June 5-July 14

Director - Mark P. Leone
Associate Director - Matthew Palus
Co-Instructors - Jennifer Babiarz and Lisa Kraus
Laboratory Director - Amelia Chisholm

The University of Maryland Department of Anthropology and the Office of 
Continuing and Extended Education announce the 25th season of 
excavation with Archaeology in Annapolis, a summer program of onsite 
archaeological excavation and research.  This intensive, six-week 
program devotes eight hours daily to supervised archaeological 
fieldwork.  The Summer 2006 excavations extend a long-term program of 
public archaeology in Maryland’s state capital that is supported by the 
Mayor and City Council of Annapolis.

Excavations within the city will take place in Parole, the site of a 
Civil War prison camp, and a working- and middle-class African American 
neighborhood that developed during the 19th and 20th Centuries.  As 
this will be our first work in the neighborhood, and excavations will 
be exploratory.  This year excavations will also be conducted outside 
of the city, at the former plantation of Edward Lloyd on the Eastern 
Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, on Maryland’s Wye River.  This former 
plantation is where Frederick Douglass was enslaved as a boy, and is 
described in his autobiography My Bondage, My Freedom.  Test 
excavations were carried out during the summer of 2005, and these 
verified the location of a former quarter for slaves and the existence 
of very rich archaeological deposits from Frederick Douglass’ time.  
Intensive excavations at this site will begin during the summer of 
2006, continuing this multi-year archaeological study.

This course offers training in archaeological field techniques and 
related concepts, and students will be evaluated according to the skill 
and understanding that they acquire, the quality of their work and 
their contribution to the research.  Students are responsible for 
reporting to the site each day and contributing to the fieldwork, lab 
work and ensuing discussion as each progress.  Students will complete 
weekly reading assignments that address the methods and theories of 
recent historical archaeological research.  Students will review their 
assignments at a weekly discussion led by project staff.  There will be 
weekly site seminars where students will share progress in their 
excavation units with others so that an understanding of the whole is 
always in sight.

For further information, contact: Matthew Palus (mpalus at starpower.net),
Jenn Babiarz (jbabiarz at mail.utexas.edu) or Amelia Chisholm 
(achisholm at anth.umd.edu)

Department of Anthropology
University of Maryland
1111 Woods Hall
College Park, MD 20742-7415

To register for this course and other UMCP Summer 2006 courses contact 
Summer Programs, on the web: http://www.summer.umd.edu/c/ or e-mail to 
summer at umail.umd.edu.  Summer programs also posts up-to-date tuition 
information online.

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