[URBANTH-L]Summer Field School in Ethnography

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Thu Jan 19 22:34:48 EST 2006

OSEA - Open School of Ethnography & Anthropology
Application Deadline: April 10, 2006

 MIRA Project is a collaborative and comparative study of tourism
destinations and cultures in Yucatán, México. Program research locations are
the colonial city of Mérida, the hub of the Maya Riviera in Playa del
Carmen, and the Indigenous community of Pisté 3km from Chichén Itzá, the
heart of the Maya archaeological civilization. OSEA Field School
participants gain intensive, on-site fieldwork training in ethnography and
cultural anthropology and develop new skills in interdisciplinary research
methodologies. Participants develop their own individual research project on
issues such as tourism development, governance, democracy, human rights,
indigenous identity, tourism cultures, cultural hegemony, urban development,
migration, performance cultures, tourism representation, exhibition and
staging, and multimedia ethnographic documentation. Program seminars,
fieldwork workshops, and experiential learning provides students the
training to design, conduct and complete interdisciplinary ethnographic
research in cultural anthropology. Open to undergraduates and graduate
students in anthropology, social science, and related humanities and art
fields. 9 credits in Anthropology: Courses in Visual Anthropology,
Ethnographic Methods, Anthropology of Tourism/Tourism Studies.
Conversational Spanish Required. Cost is $3,575. DATES are June 27 through
August 12, 2006. Application deadline is April 10, 2006. www.osea-cite.org

Contact Information:
Quetzil Castañeda
2244 Martha Street
Bloomington IN 47408 USA
Phone: 812-336-2050
Email: quetzil at osea-cite.org
URL http://www.osea-cite.org

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