[URBANTH-L]CFP: Poverty, Vulnerability and Migration Choice

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From: Ellen Hertz <ellen.hertz at unine.ch>

Please find the below call for papers for "Poverty, Vulnerability and
Migration Choice" workshop - 18-19 May 2006, Geneva - organized by
IMISCOE and Sussex Centre for Migration Research - Migration DRC.
This is a IMISCOE A2 cluster workshop, open to researchers, policy-makers
and others interested. Abstracts (500 word) are welcomed by 17th
February 2006.

With best wishes,
Cristina Pantiru
E-mail: M.C.Pantiru at sussex.ac.uk

Poverty, Vulnerability and Migration Choice.
18-19 May 2006, Geneva

Call for papers
The study of linkages between broad conceptualisations of poverty,
vulnerability and
migration is of growing interest to researchers and public policy-makers in
the field of
development. There is an emerging consensus that poverty, rather than simply
migration, can be a barrier to certain forms of mobility, whilst migration
can also have
complex effects on the livelihoods of the poor.

The purpose of this workshop is to explore the interconnections between
poverty and
vulnerability on the one hand, and the process of migration on the other.
The aim is to
stimulate dialogue between actors and stakeholders working in the areas of
poverty and
migration, including researchers, government bodies and non-governmental

We invite proposals on the following themes:

. Migration as a livelihood strategy of the poor and vulnerable
. The extent to which different types of migration are accessible to the
. The effects of migration on poverty and development in host and source
. The challenges, opportunities and limitations of existing datasets on

The papers should fall broadly within the main questions in discussion:
Under what
conditions are the poor able to consider migration as a livelihood strategy
and what
determines the success of such a strategy? How do poverty and vulnerability
affect the
choice and necessity to migrate in different settings? How migrant status
(regular/irregular) and destination affects livelihood strategies, poverty
and vulnerability?
What explains choice and necessity to migrate and to return in different
settings for a
range of categories of migrants: return, current, repeat, non-migrants?
Which types of
migration are accessible to the poor? What are the implications of migration
strategies for
the poor, their households and their communities? In what ways return and
migration can be facilitated for the advantage of community and national
growth and

Abstracts (500 word) are welcomed from academics, researchers, policy-makers
others by 17th February 2006.

Please send abstracts and full papers (due by 14th April) via e-mail to:
Rachel Sabates-
Wheeler at R.Sabates-Wheeler at ids.ac.uk.

For details please contact: Cristina Pantiru at M.C.Pantiru at sussex.ac.uk, or
by telephone
at + 44(0)1273 877684 or visit the following websites:

IMISCOE members: http://www.imiscoe.org/about/partners.html and
SCMR-DRC: www.migrationdrc.org

Sussex Centre for Migration Research
University of Sussex
Falmer, Brighon BN1 9SJ
United Kingdom
T +44(0) 1273 877007
+44(0) 1273 877684
+44(0) 1273 877683
F +44(0) 1273 873158 .

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