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Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education (EMME)


As an open-access electronic journal for scholars, practitioners and 
students of multicultural education, Electronic Magazine of Multicultural 
Education (EMME) publishes a variety of writings:  (1) original (and 
occasionally reprint) scholarly articles, (2) practitioner essays, (3) 
instructional ideas, and (4) reviews of visual arts, professional and 
juvenile books, and multimedia resources.  Reviews are generally solicited.

Since the inception of the publication in 1999 each issue has focused on a 
particular theme of multicultural education (go to 
http://www.eastern.edu/publications/emme/previous.html for back issues). 
Any paper broadly related to multicultural issues is considered for 
publication in the Open Forum section.   Currently over 5,000 readers visit 
the journal site each month from the United States and other countries. 
Since 1999 readers from over 48 different countries have freely accessed 

Multiculturalism in Higher Education
Theme Guest Editor: Dr. Melanie E. L. Bush, Adelphi University
Submission Deadline: September 1, 2006
Publication Date: December 31, 2006

Over the last several decades significant changes have been made to 
curriculum within institutions of higher education in response to demands by 
traditionally marginalized communities for representation, inclusion and 
balance in perspective, content, pedagogy and program. Within the scope of 
the broad theme of "Multiculturalism in Higher Education," articles and 
instructional ideas may include, but not be limited to: narratives about the 
curricular transformation process, current status at particular 
institutions, analysis about where we stand today and commentary about the 
future, critical perspectives about the social and political context of 
multicultural education, efforts to increase faculty diversity, pedagogical 
strategies and practice, and research conducted about the current state of 
diversity in higher education and the implications. How does the study of 
and engagement in projects for social justice fit within the academic 
project? Articles related to academia in the United States and globally are 

If you would like to submit a paper to EMME on this theme, please click here 
for more details.

Questions?  Please contact: melanie.e.l.bush at gmail.com. 

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