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Thu Jun 1 14:08:52 EDT 2006

Here is link to my own article which talks about many contrived Little  
Italies as "Ethnic Theme Parks" and which follows a similar line or reasoning  but 
more along the lines of commodification and symbolic and semiotic analyses.  
This was a first attempt at this article as an on-line journal which has  
subsequently been published in much larger and various forms, but this version I  
think is best for focusing on the argument at hand. The photos are better  
on-line also. The other references in order of development of the argument are  
set below FYI.
Ironically, there was an article in the La Repubblica today about newly  
constructed  American towns which try to simulate the architecture and  
streetscapes of older "naturally" evolved traditional American small towns.  Jerry Krase
"Visualizing Ethnic Vernacular Landscapes," in Race and Ethnicity in New York 
City,  edited by Krase and Hutchinson. Volume Seven, Research in Urban 
Sociology, JAI  Press. 2004: 1-24.   
"Italian  American Urban Landscapes: Images of Social and Cultural Capital." 
Italian Americana, Vol. XXII, No. 1, Winter  2004: 17-44. 
"Navigating  Ethnic Vernacular Landscapes Then and Now," Journal of 
Architecture and Planning  Research.  19: 4 (Winter) 2002:  274-281. 
"Traces  of Home," Places: A Quarterly Journal of  Environmental Design 
(Summer) Vol. 8, No. 4, 1993:  46‑55.

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