[URBANTH-L]Compiling a list of Urban Studies Related Events - 2006

JerryKrase at aol.com JerryKrase at aol.com
Thu Jun 1 13:53:26 EDT 2006

1. There is a UrbEurope "Urban Europe Between Identity and  Change" Visual 
Sociology Summer School at the University  of Urbino, Italy in July in which I 
and a number of other urban  sociologists will be giving lectures and then 
students will travel to  Amsterdam to do research. Here is the link where the full 
information is  available. They do this every year. 
2. They also have an on-line seminar in which I have also participated  
called EUREX. Here is that link as well. _http://shiva.uniurb.it/EUREX/_ 
3. Eyes on the City, 2006 Conference of the International  Visual Sociology 
Association,July 3, 4, 5. University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”  Urbino, Italy: 

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