[URBANTH-L]JOB: Resident Liaison Manager, Field Museum, Chicago

Benito Vergara bvergara at sfsu.edu
Tue Jun 27 16:54:21 EDT 2006

Resident Liaison Manager
Mixed Income Housing
Field Museum

Job Description:
Resident Liaison Manager/Mixed Income Housing; Center for Cultural 
Understanding and Change at The Field Museum

Responsibilities and Duties: Assist with applied anthropology project at 
Lake Park Crescent (LPC) Mixed-Income housing development in order to 
meet the goals of resident cohesion, resident integration into the area 
and vice versa, and family stability. This will involve coordinating the 
LPC collaborative meetings and activities such as newsletter and website 
for residents, overseeing arts and other community building activities 
including supervision of two full time employees. Duties will include 
conducting ongoing interviews, focus groups, and participant 
observations, rapid qualitative and quantitative research and data 
analysis; writing reports in accessible formats; planning and 
coordinating trainings and workshops for social service providers, 
property managers and collaborative members, providing data-based 
feedback to team and collaborative partners so that programs can be 
adjusted, gathering and compiling attendance data and providing reports 
on program participation, documenting program progress, and assisting 
with grant writing.

Reports to: Director, Center for Cultural Understanding and Change

Requirements: Ability to work flexible schedule, including some evenings 
and weekends. Job includes off-site work for which a car will be 
helpful. Ability to work collaboratively with other researchers, 
community activists, neighborhood groups, and other partners such as 
social workers, property managers, and residents.

Qualifications: Minimum 5 years of experience doing applied research. 
Skilled and experienced with qualitative research design, data entry, 
analysis, and report generation.   Urban and team research experience 
and experience working in African American community preferred helpful. 
MA or PhD in social anthropology or sociology.

To apply: Email resume and cover letter to ccuc at fieldmuseum.org and type 
“RLM” in the Subject line.

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