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> Toward a feminist public anthropology: ethnographies of method,
> and activism
> Public anthropology strives to link research and action, to bring
> anthropological knowledge to broader audiences, whilst promoting social
> and social change.  This panel explores how feminist thought contributes
> public anthropology agendas. Feminist work has directed particular
attention to
> our ethnographic practice - it has urged us to critically examine issues
> power in the ethnographic encounter, and to consider the politics and
ethics of
> fieldwork in new ways.  Particular attention has been focused on the
> relationships we forge in the context of field- based research and the
> challenges and possibilities of reconstituting our subjects as friends,
> comadres, or collaborators. At a time when many of us are exploring ways
> achieve a more socially engaged anthropological practice, these issues are
> especially relevant.
> Important contributions to this discussion might include:
> - The implications of departure from the field and from fieldwork
> relationships; reconstituting relationships with/in the field
> -Relationships within activist anthropology; competing loyalties and
> responsibilities
> - The politics of the writing and representational process
> - Writing collaboration; how to write ethnographically about collaborative
> research processes or activist forms of engagements
> -Issues of reflexivity
> Please send abstracts of 250 words, along with your name, email and
> to Julie Hemment (jhemment at anthro.umass.edu) or Michele Rivkin-Fish
> (mrivk2 at email.uky.edu) by March 22.
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