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2006 Lourdes Arizpe Award
Policy, Anthropology and Environmental Issues


The AAA Environment & Anthropology Section, 
through its Lourdes Arizpe Award, has created an 
opportunity to recognize recent outstanding 
achievement in the application of anthropology to 
environmental issues and discourse in 
international or domestic arenas across all 
ecological and policy applications. The creation 
and naming of this award highlights the critical 
need for anthropological knowledge and 
perspective in addressing current environmental 
issues with larger implications for matters of 
global concern.  The scope of the award is broad, 
and includes the government arena, the private 
and the non-profit sectors. The Lourdes Arizpe 
Award combines a practical component (results) 
with a knowledge-base component (advancement of 
knowledge) for outstanding contributions from 
specialists in any recognized field of anthropology.

The Award:
The Lourdes Arizpe Award is a biennial award that 
honors individual anthropologists or anthropology 
students, teams, or organizations involving 
anthropologists, which have made outstanding 
contributions in the application of anthropology 
to environmental issues and 
discourse.  Nominations should focus on the 
contributions and accomplishments of the 
individual, team or organization in the arena of 
practice, policy, and application beyond 
academia. The award can be for work in 
international or domestic arenas across 
all-ecological and policy applications, from 
community-based work to national policy to global 
applications. There must be evidence of impact or 
results of the work within the past three years 
prior to the nomination.  The Lourdes Arizpe 
Award consists of two award categories: 1) for 
post-degree professionals; and 2) for students, 
defined as individuals who were enrolled at an 
academic institution at the time of the work for 
which the award is proposed. It is envisioned 
that both awards will be made biennially in each 
category ­ post-degree professional and studennt. 
Those receiving the award are not required to be 
United States citizens or members of the American 
Anthropological Association; they may be 
specialists in any recognized field of 
anthropology.  The deadline for nominations is 
June 12, 2006. The recipients for the 
Professional and the Student categories of the 
Lourdes Arizpe Award will be presented in a 
ceremony and reception at the 2006 meeting of the 
American Anthropological Association, in San Jose, California.

The Award Application Process:
Nominations may be made by any anthropologist, 
including self-nominations. Nomination packages should include four copies of:

1) A cover letter with original signature from 
the nominator indicating the body of work or 
action for which the nominations is being made;
2) Three letters of support from individuals 
knowledgeable regarding the work of the 
nominee(s) and its impact (it would be useful for 
at least two of these letters to be from individuals outside of academia); and

3) Any materials that support the candidacy of 
the nominee. Examples of support materials that 
support the student nominee may include but are 
not limited to: booklets, DVD, video, or news 
articles about the impacts of the activities or 
project. Materials may be submitted either 
electronically or in hard copy, but the 
nomination cover letter must have an original signature.

The Selection Process:
Award nominations will be reviewed and award 
selection made by a four-person committee 
appointed by the Anthropology and Environment Section of the AAA.

Award Venue:
The Lourdes Arizpe Awards will be presented in a 
ceremony and reception hosted by the Anthropology 
and Environment Section at the annual AAA 
meetings. The Professional award consists of a 
certificate of recognition and a handcrafted 
medal symbolic of the human-environment 
relationship. The Student award consists of a 
certificate of recognition and one year’s 
membership in the A & E Section of the AAA.

Who is Lourdes Arizpe?
Lourdes Arizpe is a cultural anthropologist, 
specializing in culture, migration, rural 
development and global environmental change 
through fieldwork research and has also been 
involved in international academic and policy 
activities. Her books include Parentesco y 
Economía en una Sociedad Nahua, Antropología 
Breve de Mexico, The Cultural Dimensions of 
Global Change: An Anthropological Approach, and 
Culture and Global Change: Social Perspectives of 
Deforestation in the Lacandona Rain Forest. She 
was a member of the U.N. World Commission on 
Culture and Development. As Assistant Director 
General of UNESCO for culture she directed all 
cultural programs in Unesco and was scientific 
director of the World Culture Reports. She was 
also Director of the Anthropological Research 
Institute of the National University of Mexico. 
She has served as a member of the Advisory 
Committee on the Environment (ACE) of ICSU 
(International Council of Scientific Unions). She 
has served on the Joint Latin American Committee 
of the Social Science Research Council and the 
Executive Committee of the Latin American Studies 
Association. Her honors also include Fulbright 
and Guggenheim fellowships, the medal for 
distinguished activities in the field of culture 
from the Ministry of Culture in Pakistan, and 
membership in the Royal Anthropology Institute in 
England. A founding member of the Academia 
Mexicana de Derechos Humanos, she also has served 
as President of the International Union of 
Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences. At 
present, she is President of the International 
Social Science Council and a Professor at the 
Regional Center for Multidisciplinary Research (National University of Mexico).

Please send the materials noted above to the 
Chairperson of the Committee: P.J. Puntenney 
<pjpunt at umich.edu>, 1989 W. Liberty, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 by June 12, 2006

Previous Awardees

2004	J. Peter Brosius (University of Georgia-Athens)
George M. Guilmet (Cultural Resources Management Consultant)
Carla Guerron-Montero, Ph.D.
Department of Anthropology
University of Delaware
46 West Delaware Avenue
Newark, DE 19716
Phone: (302) 831-3362
Fax: (302)831-4002
Email: cguerron at udel.edu

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