[URBANTH-L]CFP: Spaces of Conflict (SFSU Graduate Association Conference)

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Mon May 1 14:26:53 EDT 2006

SFSU Cinema Studies Graduate Association Conference

In the aim of expanding the dialogue around cinema, we are interested in 
exploring critical approaches to film that push beyond narrative and 
character-centric methods, specifically those addressing issues of space 
within and without the film frame.

The intent of this conference is to focus on how space is investigated, 
portrayed or enacted in cinema with an attention to the relationship between 
space and conflict. Some possible areas of discussion could include (but are 
not limited to):

Geographic conflict zones (cultural, political, environmental)
Rural/urban space (e.g., film noir, musicals, etc.)
Domestic/public spheres (e.g., melodramas, etc.)
Avant-garde/abstract space
Psychological space (the unconscious, emotional/mental angst or confusion)
Diegetic/extradiegetic space
New media and virtual spaces
Conflicted viewing space (rapidly changing public viewing patterns)
How is filmic space defined? Where is cinema located?

The M.A. Program in Cinema Studies at San Francisco State, invites graduate 
students from all geographic locations and disciplines to submit short 
proposals for presentations to the departments¡¦ annual graduate student 
conference, to be held November 2 - 3, 2006. The format of the presentation 
should include slides or clips and a talk (fifteen to twenty minutes) as 
opposed to the reading of a paper. Discussions and questions will follow 
each group of related topic presentations, and will engage the audience as 
well as the panelists.
Proposals or abstracts (500 words max.) are due in by Monday, July 17, 2006. 
Invitations to speak at the conference will be made by Monday, August 14, 
2006. If you agree to participate, there will be a mandatory $25 conference 
fee to cover incidental costs.

Submission materials must also include:
Name, address, phone number, email address
School currently attending and specific program

Type of description of visual media you plan on using in your presentation, 
including: type of media (DVD, VHS, etc.), title(s) of clip sources, and 
approximate length of media clips
Estimated time of proposed panel presentation

Submit materials to:
sfsufilmconference at yahoo.com
For more information, visit our website at:

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