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Mon May 8 12:49:56 EDT 2006

Call for authors: The City and Urban Life

M. E. Sharpe, a well-regarded academic publisher, invites contributing 
authors for The City and Urban Life, a three-volume, large-format 
reference work to be published in 2007. The City will deliver accurate 
information about urban institutions and urban society. A comprehensive 
study, The City will trace the development of urban places on all 
continents from the first cities to the present day.

Essays already have been received from more than 150 distinguished 
scholars from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, 
Russia, China, and Japan. However, there still are opportunities to 
contribute either a Chronological Overview or City Descriptions (or 
both), which are described below.

Contributors will have expertise in such areas as history, geography, 
sociology, economics, anthropology, and archaeology; an academic 
affiliation is not required. Since they are up-to-date on the sources 
for their field, graduate students and recent Ph.D.s are welcomed as 
authors. Each contributor will receive full credit as author, a monetary 
payment, and/or a complete set copy of The City.

Throughout history, urban places have developed and evolved as part of 
larger social communities. Thus the essays will be presented in 28 
separate sections, each devoted to one geographical/cultural region. For 
each region, The City will present two types of essays. (1) Longer 
Chronological Overviews will describe institutions and historical 
developments shared by all cities in that region. (2) Briefer Individual 
City Descriptions will deal with one specific city or site. There are no 
"topical" essays nor essays on the provinces within a region. Or--to put 
it more accurately--all important topics will be discussed within the 
context of a Chronological Overview or City Description.

(1) Each geographical section thus will begin with a Chronological 
Overview, from 7,000 to 30,000 words in length. Authors may contribute 
either the entire Overview or a section of the Overview describing a 
specific historical era. (2) Each section will continue with description 
of individual cities, varying from 150 to 2,000 words.

No existing book offers either compressive essays about specific regions 
or compact, accurate descriptions of significant cities. Thus each of 
these will be useful in itself, and it also is intended that the two 
sections work together synergistically.

A complete list of the geographical sections is available-- as is also 
additional information (1) describing the scope of the introductory 
essay(s), (2) listing the names of cities that will be the subject of 
individual descriptive entries, and (3) providing Guidelines for Authors.

Please contact Dr Jan Rogozinski, the General Editor, attaching a cv and 
indicating which geographical regions or countries you are interested in 
writing about.
	Jan Rogozinski
Post Office Box 350653
Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 33335-0653

Email: jan814 at bellsouth.net

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