[URBANTH-L]CFP: Short Research Reports on the 'Coke Complex'

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Sun May 21 17:13:30 EDT 2006


From: Mike and Kim 
Fortun, Editors, Cultural Anthropology culanth at rpi.edu 
    Date: May 10, 2006 
    As part of a continuing effort to draw out the near-term 
political relevance of scholarly work, we are seeking short 
(approximately 6,000 words) reports on various aspects of 
what we have come to think of as the "Coke Complex" - the 
multiplicity of examples, practices, organizational forms 
and political economic dynamics that enable and index the 
Coca Cola Company and the so-called "New Economy" in which 
Coca Cola now operates. We hope to receive papers that 
address a variety of scales and dimensions of the Coke 
Complex. Papers focused on communities where Coca Cola 
Company operates production facilities will be welcomed, for 
example, as will papers focused on corporate information 
strategies, on branding and consumption practices, and on 
relationships between companies like Coca Cola, national 
governments and international organizations. 
    We encourage authors to think broadly and creatively 
about how their research bears on the Coke Complex, and are 
happy to discuss possible angles. All submissions will be 
peer reviewed, on a schedule that will allow timely 
publication. This call follows a recent decision by the 
Society for Cultural Anthropology to endorse boycott actions 
against Coca Cola Company based on the growing 
anthropological record of problems in communities where 
the Coca Cola Company operates and with operations of Coca 
Cola Company globally. 


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