[URBANTH-L] Call for papers - Research Involving Survivors of Violence and Trauma

Mary Simmerling mcs at uchicago.edu
Tue May 23 17:54:22 EDT 2006

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Call for Abstracts of Papers - Special Issue of The Journal of 
Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics (JERHRE)

Recovering Respect for Persons & Beneficence: Research Involving 
Survivors of Violence and Trauma

Many forms of physical, social, and emotional violence can generate 
or cause short and long-term trauma.  The nature, persistence, and 
possibilities of recovery from this violence and trauma are important 
topics of research.  While many researchers believe that engaging 
survivors of violence and trauma in this kind of research can be 
beneficial and therapeutic for survivors, many ethics committees 
assert the opposite.

This special issue of JERHRE will include papers that present, 
examine, and explore evidence that suggests or demonstrates whether 
research on survivors of violence and trauma is re-traumatizing or 
therapeutic, including presentations of the ways in which research 
can be designed so as to embody the ethical requirements of the 
principles of respect for persons and beneficence. Quantitative, 
qualitative, and case-study papers are welcome as are methodological 
papers (e.g., that focus on evaluation of whether vulnerability 
persists, or whether research is beneficial or harmful to participants).

Topics: Manuscripts may address, but are not limited to the following 
topics: family violence, sexual assault, abandonment, community and 
state violence, warfare, natural disasters, forced migrations, and 
severe accidents.

Please address inquiries to:
Mary Simmerling, PhD, Special Issue Editor
Email: mcs at uchicago.edu
Post: University of Chicago
5835 South Kimbark - Judd 336
Chicago, IL 60637 USA
Telephone: 773-834-5805
Fax: 773-834-8700

Deadline:  Abstracts should be should be no more than 500 words in 
length and should be submitted to the special issue editor via email 
or fax no later than November 1, 2006.   Early submissions are 
encouraged and appreciated. Deadlines for completed papers will be 
announced, in consultation with prospective authors, after abstracts 
have been evaluated, when authors are notified whether their 
submission is appropriate for development into a paper to be included 
in the special issue.

JERHRE publishes empirical research, reviews of empirical literature 
on human research ethics, and related methodological work. The basic 
aim of JERHRE is to improve ethical problem solving in human 
research.  JERHRE is the only journal in the field of human research 
ethics dedicated exclusively to empirical research.

Stakeholders in human research grapple with conflict among various 
standards. Without evidence-based problem solving, many conflicts are 
unsatisfactorily settled by applying one-size-fits-all interpretation 
of principles or regulations, or resorting to anecdote as evidence 
for one or another interpretation.   Empirical knowledge translates 
ethical principles into procedures appropriate to specific cultures, 
contexts, and research topics.  JERHRE creates a space for 
collaboration among stakeholders, stimulates research, and 
disseminates knowledge to foster intelligent application of ethical 
principles in research contexts worldwide.

For a sample issue of JERHRE, please go to 
and for details about JERHRE, please go to JERHRE's web site at 
http://www.csueastbay.edu/JERHRE/index.html.  JERHRE is published by 
University of California Press 

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