[URBANTH-L]Request for reading ideas on social change, culture change, community and environment

susan mazur susanmazur at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 28 15:25:04 EST 2006


Does anyone have a good handle on some reading concerning theoretical differences between conceptualizing social change as against culture change, particularly with regards to design, environment, and community? I'm develop two upper division classes for Spring: One at Cal Poly Pomona is in the college Environmental Design and called 489: Community Design and Social ChangeThe other is for CSU San Berdoo and called ANT 470 Culture Change and Dynamics I'm trying to organize my thoughts on this so that I can get a core of readings possibly applicable to both courses - but I also want to be able to differentiate them in a fairly sophisticated manner... Thanks in advance for anything anyone can give me!  Susan Mazur-Stommen, Ph.D. www.susanmazur.com 951.687.8661

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