[URBANTH-L]Request for reading ideas on social change, culture change, community and environment

David Levinger david at feetfirst.info
Tue Nov 28 22:16:31 EST 2006


My work is at the intersection of health, design and community.  My 
dissertation "Pedestrian Technologies: Redesigning Citizens, 
Organizers and Technical Professionals" addresses some of the themes 
and questions you're articulating. I taught a Masters course in 
Design Languages in the Antioch Seattle Masters in Whole System 
Design program that might be of interest.

If you want to slog, I can also send you the bibliography to my 
dissertation off line.  Do you have EndNote?


At 3:25 PM -0800 11/28/06, susan mazur wrote:
>Does anyone have a good handle on some reading concerning 
>theoretical differences between conceptualizing social change as 
>against culture change, particularly with regards to design, 
>environment, and community? I'm develop two upper division classes 
>for Spring: One at Cal Poly Pomona is in the college Environmental 
>Design and called 489: Community Design and Social ChangeThe other 
>is for CSU San Berdoo and called ANT 470 Culture Change and Dynamics 
>I'm trying to organize my thoughts on this so that I can get a core 
>of readings possibly applicable to both courses - but I also want to 
>be able to differentiate them in a fairly sophisticated manner... 
>Thanks in advance for anything anyone can give me!  Susan 
>Mazur-Stommen, Ph.D. www.susanmazur.com 
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