[URBANTH-L]help with immigration case

Dr. Rachel H. Adler radler at tcnj.edu
Wed Nov 29 14:00:21 EST 2006

Hello fellow urban anthropologists,

I received this request (below) from a friend of mine who is an
immigration attorney at a non-profit. If you can help her, or know someone
who can, please contact her directly at durbak at tcnj.edu

Thanks in advance for your generous help with this case.

Rachel Adler

I have a case of a Liberian, married to a US citizen, whose marriage
disintegrated shortly after entry into the US, b/c of cultural problems. 
The US citizen, who is an African-American had gone to Africa to find a
mate.  From her perspective, there were not going to be cultural
differences, since they were both black and Christian.  I know that
intercultural marriages often run into snags.  However, I was wondering if
you happened to know of anyone in sociology or anthropology who is
studying or has studied inter-cultural marriages, who might be willing to
help me.  I would speak to the person and then draft a proposed affidavit
-- or that person could simply forward me some pertinent articles.
Is there anyone to whom you could refer me?

Tatiana Durbak

Dr. Rachel H. Adler, Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
The College of NJ
Ewing, NJ 08628

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