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From: Nicholas Bloom <nbloom3 at yahoo.com>

NYIT’s Third Interdisciplinary Conference:  “New York City: Global

Keynote Speaker: Professor Saskia Sassen, University  of Chicago

March 9, 2007

The New York Institute of Technology announces its  third
interdisciplinary conference, “New York City:  Global Village,” which 
will address the role of New  York City as a site of international 
exchange in culture, technology, tourism and other fields.  Scholars 
from a range of disciplines are invited to  present their research at 
this one-day conference at  NYIT's Columbus Circle campus.

The conference, as in past years, will draw scholars  from around the
country and world for panel  discussions, featured speakers, and lively 
conversation. Past keynotes--including author Mark  Kurlansky, curator 
Nancy Mowl Mathews and historian  Kenneth T. Jackson--have added to the 
depth of past  conferences and drawn large audiences. (Last year’s 
conference website can be visited at  iris.nyit.edu/nycim.)

Possible themes for papers:

•Global influences on New York City (culture,  technology, 
neighborhoods, etc.) 
•New York City’s impact on global systems (culture,  technology, 
politics, etc.)  
New York as one of the emerging global cities  (international business 
and NGOs)  
New York as world capital (United Nations, locus for  diplomacy, 
cultural center)  
International cultural pluralism and artistic  exchange  
Labor opportunities (immigration) and exploitation  
Cultural integration and enclaves of identity  (Race/culture/religion
relations in a global city)  
New York City as a global tourism destination

A two-page prospectus and two-page c.v. must be  submitted to the
conference committee by November 15,  2006. Notification of acceptance 
or rejection will be  sent by December 1. Please send your proposal by 
email to nbloom at nyit.edu.

About our Keynote:

Saskia Sassen is the leading theorist of globalization  and its impact 
on cities. Her new book is _Territory,  Authority, Rights: From 
Medieval to Global  Assemblages_ (Princeton 2006) and a third fully  
updated and expanded edition of _Cities in a World  Economy_ (Sage 
2006). She is the author of the classic  _The Global City: New York 
London Tokyo_ (Princeton,  1991; 2nd updated ed 2001) and is the Ralph 
Lewis Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago  and 
Centennial Visiting Professor at the London School  of Economics. 
Professor Sassen’s books have been  translated into 16 languages.

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