[URBANTH-L]ANN: City Seminars at Columbia University, 2006-07

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Fri Sep 29 00:19:30 EDT 2006

City Seminars at Columbia University, 2006-07

Academic Year 2006-7

Tuesday Oct. 10-Elizabeth Blackmar, Columbia University, "Of REITS and
Rights: Looking at Contemporary Real Estate Developments"

Monday November 6-Jonathan Soffer, Polytechnic University: "Ed Koch and
New York's Municipal Foreign Policy"

Thursday December 7-Nicholas Lemann, Columbia University, and Arnold
Hirsch, University of New Orleans: "New Orleans from the Inside Out"

Thursday January 25-Marni Sandweiss, Amherst College: "Passing Strange:
Clarence King's Odd Double Life in Late Nineteenth-Century New York"

Monday February 26: Casey Blake, Columbia University, "'West Side Story'
Fifty Years Later"

Wednesday March 28-Brian Purnell, Bronx African American History
Project, Fordham University: "'Taxation without Sanitation is
Tyranny'-Civil Rights Struggles Over Garbage Collection in Brooklyn, New
York during the Fall of 1962"

Thursday April 26-Pablo Piccato, Columbia University: "Crime and Urban
Communities in Twentieth-Century Mexico City"

Thursday May 10-Carl Nightingale,  State University of New York at
Buffalo,  "Splitting Cities in Chicago and Johannesburg: Towards a
Transnational History of Early 20th Century Urban Racial Segregation"

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