Lisa Maya Knauer lknauer at umassd.edu
Mon Apr 2 12:49:30 EDT 2007

i have also had some IRB "issues" concerning assignments in 
undergraduate classes ... and maybe we can have a strand of discussion 
regarding this. how do structure assignments in undergraduate classes 
(where students have less than a semester to do the work, esp. in an 
introductory class)? i (and i imagine many others) fly under the radar 
screen, but this limits my ability to publish anything about my teaching 
(including developing a website with student projects).
to respond to david's comment on elzbieta's suggestion: i think there is 
still time to submit WORKSHOP proposals for AAA 2007, so if someone were 
ambitious, we could have a first round of conversation in DC.

David Houston wrote:
> On Sun, 1 Apr 2007, Elzbieta M Gozdziak intoned:
> EMG:At the SfAAs last week, several of us were talking about organizing a 
> EMG:session for the following AAAs on ethics and IRBs.
> I presume this refers to 2008 AAA - I think this is a terrific idea!!!!  I 
> note more or  less parenthetically that there are big differences (TOO 
> big) between universities.  I am at McGill and the process there was 
> somewhat onerous!
> Thanks for a great discussion.  I look forward to a session in 08.
> 	David Houston
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