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Elzbieta and All,


I would be interested in a summary of this listserv discussion of best
practices in working with IRBs.   I haven't read all of the postings on
this thread, but what I have (below) is good information.  If it hasn't
already been mentioned here, Rena Lederman and others have been posting
interesting comments and suggestions on the Savage Minds blog - See
particularly her "Educate Your IRB (a boilerplate experiment)".   Also,
the AAA Committee on Ethics has been discussing developing resources and
best practices to educate IRB boards and coordinators about
anthropological methods and their relation to ethics review.  


As Elzbieta noted, the deadline for the next AN is July 15.  Though AN
commentaries and features are 1000-1500 words. 


Stacy Lathrop



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Hello Everyone,

This is a fascinating discussion and I think should be part of a wider
discourse. Would anyone like to write a piece--either summarizing this
discussion and/or setting up a wider discussion--to be published in the
Anthropology News.  I am sure Stacy Lathrop would be interested in this
kind of thing.  I am thinking of apiece that would be published outside
the SUNTA column and reaching a wider readership.  The piece should be
between 1500 to 2200 words.  Contributions to the next issue of AN are
due by July 15th.


Lewinson, Anne wrote: 

In the last couple years, our IRB also developed a 'blanket' approval
application for undergraduate class research projects which is very
similar to what Elzbieta describes. As well, since my institution has a
graduate program in education, we developed a set of criteria and
procedures specifically for students conducting educational research. We
felt a need to do so because inevitably they are working with minors (a
'vulnerable' population), and thus their proposals should receive the
most thorough review, however the projects often focused on students in
their own classrooms and much of what they were doing was more along the
lines of trying out different pedagogical techniques (warranting the
lowest level of review, if any at all). Our colleagues in Education
voiced their concerns to the Board often enough that the IRB Coordinator
and Board decided to re-evaluate the procedures and came up with a
Anyway, my point is that IRBs can be convinced to re-think their
procedures so as to adopt something which is more appropriate to our
needs. It will take some work on their part, however ultimately it will
save them time in not needing to bounce proposals back to anthropology
grad students repeatedly and not having a whole slew of ethnographic
proposals to read for a full board meeting. A possible starting point:
I've been forwarding these postings to the IRB Coordinator at my
institution, and she has said they are very interesting reading. For
those whom it might be appropriate, you might want to do the same. While
the composition of IRBs does change yearly, the Coordinator usually is a
staff member who is there for the long haul. S/he might be a good place
to open up the conversation about developing practices which suit
ethnographic research better. 
Anne S. Lewinson [alewinson at berry.edu] 
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Georgetown has a very similar system/procedure, with one caveat that the
student research is for class papers, not for publication.  If students
and/or the professor wishe to publish any of the student papers, IRB has
to give approval for the research. 
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Subject: [URBANTH-L]IRB and students

	Dear all, this is one of the most constructive discussions I
have ever
	participated in. I am grateful that this topic was brought up -
	response has added greatly to my understanding of the issues 
	surroundingIRBs and my confidence in dealing with it.
	About undergraduate student research projects: My IRB has what I

	think is
	a good system - I went through a multi-stage online tutorial
about the
	history of the Belmont Report and the whole IRB process, and
once I
	completed it, I was "certified" by my IRB and had blanket
	for all
	student projects carried out in the course of classwork under
	In other
	words, they shifted the responsibility to me to assure that what
	students are doing is in compliance.
	Patty Gray

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