[URBANTH-L]Availability of Urbanth-L Archives, and Possible New Blog Site

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Thu Apr 5 14:32:50 EDT 2007

Hi Urbanth-L folks,

In the last few days, several people have asked for a record of this thread.
We've also gotten emails that suggest the creation of a blog for the list.

First, you should know that Urbanth-L does have an archive of all messages
posted since shortly before the meetings were rescheduled, in October
2004. Here is the link: http://lists.ysu.edu/pipermail/urbanth-l/

Secondly, we've been thinking about setting up a blog to accompany the
listserv for some time.  I recently inquired about the possibility of having
such a forum hosted on the AAA server, as I'd heard that such a service
was becoming available.  Server space is not available yet, however. And
so, last night I set up a very rudimentary Urbanth-L Thread Blog, which
archives some of the interesting discussions we've had over the last
few years.  There are still a few more to add.  As we find the time, it
might also be nice to use this blog space to poll our subscribers, in order
to find out something about people's nationalities, disciplinary backgrounds
and interests.  Currently, Urbanth-L has 1,803 subscribers.  Well, here is
the skeletal blog link (not yet a finished product):


Just click on "comments," at the bottom of Annegret Staiger's message,
and you will find the entire thread.  It's easier to read the thread on the
blog than it is in our listserv archives. Feel free to use the blog to 
the IRB discussion, and/or I could also just archive the thread on the blog
in a few days, as I've done with several other threads.


Angela Jancius
Urbanth-L Moderator 

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