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Hi all,

The latest issue of "Qualitative Inquiry" focuses on IRBs and related

A new issue of Qualitative Inquiry is available online:
1 April 2007; Vol. 13, No. 3

The below Table of Contents is available online at:

Predatory vs. Dialogic Ethics: Constructing an Illusion or Ethical Practice
as the Core of Research Methods
Gaile S. Cannella and Yvonna S. Lincoln
Qualitative Inquiry 2007;13 315-335

Rethinking Ethics Review as Institutional Discourse
Christine Halse and Anne Honey
Qualitative Inquiry 2007;13 336-352

Handing IRB an Unloaded Gun
Carol Rambo
Qualitative Inquiry 2007;13 353-367

Canadian University Ethics Review: Cultural Complications Translating
Principles Into Practice
Susan Tilley and Louise Gormley
Qualitative Inquiry 2007;13 368-387

The Tensions Between Academic Freedom and Institutional Review Boards
William G. Tierney and Zoë Blumberg Corwin
Qualitative Inquiry 2007;13 388-398

The Dark Side of Truth(s): Ethical Dilemmas in Researching the Personal
M. Carolyn Clark and Barbara F. Sharf
Qualitative Inquiry 2007;13 399-416

Informed Consent, Deception, and Research Freedom in Qualitative Research
Marco Marzano
Qualitative Inquiry 2007;13 417-436

Cultural Continuity as an Ethical Imperative
Clifford G. Christians
Qualitative Inquiry 2007;13 437-444

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