[URBANTH-L]Conference: InEvidence, 12-14 July, Cambridge

U. Staiger us209 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Apr 23 12:36:09 EDT 2007

*** Conference announcement ***

InEvidence: Witnessing Cities and the Case of Berlin
12-14 July 2007, University of Cambridge

This major international conference focuses on the contemporary city as a
witness to changing political topographies and socio-economic
transformations, which is in turn witnessed by a multitude of cultural
undertakings. The conference brings together top scholars working on the
city from a variety of disciplines and practitioners engaging with urban
environments through diverse media. The first afternoon features keynote
contributions from Daniel Libeskind and Richard Sennett. Day two is devoted
to exploring questions of (in)evidence in contemporary cities, with speakers
to include: Victor Burgin, Edward Dimendberg, Tom Levin, Henrik Reeh, and
Karen Till. Day three has a particular focus on Berlin, with speakers to
include: Thomas Elsaesser, Mary Fulbrook, Charity Scribner, and Janet Ward.
Leading Berlin artists will also present/perform: Stih & Schnock
(Public/installation art), Martin Nachbar and Jochen Roller (choreography),
and Stefanie Bürkle (photography). 

For further details, see: www.inevidence.net. 

Registration from end of April.

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