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Exile, Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism
21-23 June 2007
Warburg-Haus, Hamburg

Research on migration, diasporas and exile suggests that the specific 
trans-national situation with which exiles are confronted, frequently leads 
to the emergence and development of nationalist or cosmopolitan attitudes 
towards other 'nations' or ethnicities, political and social groups. 
Nineteenth and early twentieth-century national historiography suggests 
that, during the process of nation building and the formation of national 
identities in western Europe, tendencies to develop rival national 
identities in exile were much stronger than in the so-called 'cosmopolitan 
age' of the late seventeenth and the eighteenth centuries. In the case of 
the Italian Risorgimento exile in France reinforced those exiles' 
'nationalism', other groups in diaspora, including the Huguenots, who 
migrated to different European and overseas destinations between 1548 and 
1787, are identified as 'cosmopolitans'. However, closer assessment of 
diasporic groups and of exile makes evident that exiles frequently developed 
attitudes that would be identified as simultaneously both cosmopolitan and 

This conference seeks,

1)To discuss different forms of exile to approach a more differentiated 
perspective on exile and its consequences for groups living in a 
trans-national context. These groups reacted to their circumstances by 
creating a new political, social, economic and/or cultural identity.
2)To define and explain 'nationalism' and the so-called 'rise of the 
nation-state' in the context of 'exile' and diasporic movements.
3)To define and explain cultural, political or social 'cosmopolitanism' in 
the context of 'exile' and Diasporas.


Thursday, 21 June
10.00 Welcome: Prof. Dr. Stefanie Schüler-Springorum (Hamburg), Prof. Dr. 
Claudia Schnurmann (Hamburg)
Introduction: Dr. Susanne Lachenicht (Hamburg)
10.30 - 12.00 The Cosmopolitan Age? Chair: Dr. Angelika Epple
Prof. W. Douglas Catterall (History, Lawton/Oklahoma):
Nations, Ethnicity, and the Swedish Nation in the Age of Freedom 
Dr. Liam Chambers (History, Limerick):
'Une Maison Particulière et Isolée' ?: Migration, National Identity and the 
Irish Colleges (Paris) in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
14.00 - 16.00 Cosmopolitanism, Chair: Prof. Dr. Stefanie Schüler-Springorum
Dr. Kate Daniels (Oriental Studies, Cambridge):
'The Song of Everyone without a Homeland': A Palestinian Writer in 
'Cosmopolitan' Beirut.
Prof. Dr. Harald Hagemann (Economics, Stuttgart-Hohenheim):
Cosmopolitanism and Aerial Roots. Emigré Economists in Britain and the 
United States after 1933
Dr. Frank Grüner (East-European History, Heidelberg).
Nationalism and Anti-cosmopolitanism in Russian and Soviet Ideology
16.30 - 18.30 Revolution and Exile, Chair: Dr. Susanne Lachenicht
Dr. Maurizio Isabella (History, London):
A Nationalism of the diaspora: Italian Risorgimento and
Cosmopolitanism (1796-1848)
Dr. Michael M. Miller (Nationalism Studies, Budapest):
>From Liberal Nationalism to Rootless Cosmopolitanism:
Simon Deutsch and 1848ers in Exile
Niall Whelehan (History, Florence):
Paris, New York, and the Role of Exile in Irish Nationalism
Lecture: Prof. Dr. Bertrand van Ruymbeke (History, Paris): Diaspora, Exile, 
Identity: Le Refuge huguenot in a global and comparative perspective
Chair: Prof. Dr. Hermann Wellenreuther

Friday, 22 June
10.00-13.00 From the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, Chair: Prof. Dr. Claudia 
Dr. Bartosz Awianowicz (Classics, Torun):
Two Poets in Exile: Ovid and Philip Callimachus Buonaccorsi
Dr. Heleni Porfyriou (Urban History, CNR -ICVBC -Rome):
Greek Diaspora in the Italian peninsula, between nationalism and 
Dr. Daniel S. Murphree (History, University of Texas at Tylor): 
Cosmopolitanism and Paradise: French Exiles, Racialization, and National 
Identity in the Colonial Floridas, 1564-1573
Michael Studemund-Halévy (Hamburg):
Forced Expulsion in the 17th Century: Hamburg' s Portuguese Community
15.00 - 16.30 Jewish Identity, Chair: PD Dr. Andreas Brämer
Dr. Markus Bauer (School of Languages and Area Studies, University of 
Galuth - A debate on Nationhood and Exile in Eastern and Western European 
Anne-Christin Saß (East-European History, Berlin):
Life in Transition - East European Jewish Migrants in Berlin
17.00 - 18.30 (20th c.) Nationalism, Chair: Prof. Dr. Frank Golczewski
Beatrice Penati (History, Pisa):
Exile and Transformation of Nationalist Discourse: The Case of Russian 
Muslim Emigrés to Western Europe between the two World Wars
Anna Holian (History,Tempe):
Between Nationalism and Internationalism:
Displaced Persons at the UNRRA University of Munich, 1945-1948

Saturday, 23 June
10.00 - 11.30 Structuring Space - Structuring Identity, Chair: PD Dr. 
Kirsten Heinsohn
Dr. Samuel D. Albert (Art History, New York):
Constructing Identity: Jewish, Arab, and British Architectures in Mandate 
Palestine (1918-1948)
Anne Hass (Landscape Architecture, Munich):
The Chicago School. How to justify social discrimination and exclusion by 
transforming the bio-ecological Monoclimax theory into a theory of city 
12.00 - 14.00 Postcolonial Perspectives, Chair: Prof. Dr. Andreas Eckert
Dr. William O'Reilly (History, Cambridge):
The Oxford Cosmopolitan Club and the Migration of Nationalism: Oxford, 
Berlin, Harvard
Birte Timm (History, Erfurt):
Migration and the Decolonisation of Jamaica - The "Jamaica Progressive 
League" in New York and Kingston
Dr. Baz Le Cocq (African Studies, Berlin):
Teshumara: exile and nationalism in late 20th century Tuareg society
Conference fees: ? 15 (students ? 7.50).
Dr. Susanne Lachenicht
Historisches Seminar
Von-Melle-Park 6
20146 Hamburg
Email: slachenicht at yahoo.com 

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