[URBANTH-L]Is Diversity Bad for Cities? (Linda Dwyer)

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Sun Aug 12 00:41:47 EDT 2007

From: Linda Dwyer <Lindwyer5 at aol.com>

Perhaps there is even more fundamental questions at play:

What is the relationship between place and community in the 21st century?
*Do political boundaries (such as town or city) define communities, or are 
there overlapping communities that might be defined functionally...including 
deterritorialized "communities" connected through new technologies of 

In other words, are we attempting to define and understand current 
relationships through a nineteenth century definition of that fundamental 

Finally, where does social capital manifest itself today?  Are there other 
forms of social capital than the face-to-face relationships of yore?

Diversity today is itself a result of global flows of people, capital, and 
communication. One might therefore wish to investigate shifts in the nature 
of social interactions, the construction of social networks, their power and 

Linda Dwyer 

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