[URBANTH-L] CFP: Private Urban Governance/Gated Communities (Santiago de Chile)

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Sat Dec 1 09:59:14 EST 2007

5th international conference of the interdisciplinary research network
"private urban governance/gated communities"

March 30 to April 4 2009
University of Chile, Santiago de Chile

Call for panels:

Cities around the globe are witnessing the development of new
institutional arrangements by which urban spaces are organised -
especially on a subcommunal scale. These new institutions involve public
and private organisations, different forms of community organisations as
well as organisations which cut across the public/private dichotomy. The
governance of existing neighbourhoods is becoming re-engineered by
institutions such as horizontal homeowner associations and business
improvement districts. Newly urbanised areas are organised as private
and often gated residential communities; as shopping, commercial and
industrial neighbourhoods governed under multi-tenant property ownership
and private government of communal space and services. The 5th
conference of the research network on "private urban governance" will
offer an international forum for the interdisciplinary discussion of the
causes and consequences of these new forms of urban governance. 

The research network was established in 1999 and is an open network of
currently more than 100 researchers from urban geography, planning,
architecture, regional economy, political science, sociology,
anthropology and other disciplines. The preparation of the conference
follows a two-tiered scheme. We invite everybody interested to organise
a panel (with three to six participants) on any topic related to private
urban governance to send us the title for the proposed panel and an
abstract outlining the idea of the panel (ca. 200 words). 

Panel proposals should be submitted before the end of December 2007. 

Please do indicate if you already have in mind some papers to be
presented in this panel (title, presenter, general ideal of the paper).
Panels might for example focus on specific forms of private urban
governance (e.g. business improvement districts, gated communities, tax
exempt improvement areas); on specific theories and approaches which
might help to understand and/or evaluate the development of private
urban governance (e. g. new institutional economics, theories of social
segregation, politic-economic approaches, discourse theory etc); or on
the development of private urban governance in specific countries or
regions. Based on these proposals the scientific committee will
establish a structure of panels and publish the call for papers in
spring 2008. 

Scientific Committee:
Sarah Blandy, University of Leeds (lawyer)
Eric Charmes, University of Paris VIII (urban planner) 
Viviana Fernandez Prajoux, University of Chile (urban planner) 
Klaus Frantz, University of Innsbruck (geographer)
Georg Glasze, University of Mainz (geographer)
Jenny Dixon, University of Auckland (urban planner) 
Renaud le Goix, University of Paris I (geographer) 
Karina Landman, CSIR Pretoria (planner and architect) 
Setha Low, City University New York (anthropologist and psychologist) 
Evan McKenzie, University of Illinois in Chicago (political scientist
and lawyer) 
Elisabeth, Peyroux, CIRUS-CIEU CNRS Toulouse (geographer) 
Chris Webster, Cardiff University (urban planner and economist)

Contact: Dr. Georg Glasze (glasze at uni-mainz.de;

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