[URBANTH-L]2nd CFP: Sexing Travel

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2nd Call for Paper. Please forgive cross-postings.
Call for papers for book:

Sexing Travel: Intimacy and Subjectivity in Women’s International  

Edited by Susan Frohlick and Jessica Jacobs

Abstracts accepted until January 15, 2008

Full chapters due by July 1, 2008

2009 publication target date

We are seeking ethnographically informed papers that focus on the  
multiple dimensions of women’s participation in sexual and intimate  
relationships with local men or women in international tourist  
destinations, to be included in an edited volume on transnational/ 
cultural intimacy and sexual subjectivity in women’s travel. We are  
currently looking into various channels for publication, and are  
aiming for eight contributors.

Scholarship on ‘ethno-sexual relations’ (Nagel, 2003) between  
tourists and locals is growing and reflects, in our view, the  
expansion of sex tourism in late capitalism from a predominantly  
masculine terrain (tied into ideas around the modern subject) and  
historical practice to a global phenomenon that includes the gendered  
consumption practices of First World women shaped by some women’s  
increasing economic power and mobility. Most work to date draws  
almost exclusively upon a political-economic framework that refers  
to “female sex tourists” or “romance tourists”, whose  
parameters are defined by women’s similarity (or difference) to male  
sex tourists. As well as sustaining the male subject at the center of  
the conceptualization of female sex tourism, we feel these approaches  
ignore the complex sensorial and emotional dimensions of women’s  
inter-racial, transcultural sexual and intimate relationships with  
local people in largely Southern and Third World countries. They also  
miss the opportunity to comment on the role these encounters play in  
new subject formations and transnational relationships.

We encourage papers that open up the current narrow focus of debate  
and do not simply reproduce the argument that First World female  
tourists are exploiting their white feminine privilege by taking sex  
from young men on the beaches of the Gambia (or Barbados, Bali,  
Indonesia, etc) in exchange for money, goods or other less tangible  
benefits. We are particularly interested in papers with a strong  
empirical grounding, based on fieldwork and ethnographic methodology  
or historical approaches, that consider the diverse international  
tourist spaces and multifaceted contexts in which these relationships  
occur. We especially welcome papers that, as a collection, are multi- 
disciplinary (e.g. anthropology, geography, sociology, women’s and  
gender studies, cultural and media studies, tourist studies,  
history), examine a range of destinations and landscapes, and deal  
with a variety of nationalities and ethnicities. Please send an  
abstract of between 300 and 500 words before January 15, 2008 to Dr.  
Susan Frohlick <frohlick at cc.umanitoba.ca> and Dr. Jessica Jacobs  
<jessica.jacobs at blueyonder.co.uk>. Full papers of approximately 7,  
000 to 8, 000 words will be expected by April 1, 2008.


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