[URBANTH-L]Any SUNTA members currently in Buenos Aires?

Kristin Koptiuch koptiuch at asu.edu
Fri Dec 28 09:21:24 EST 2007

I am taking an unexpected opportunity to join a study abroad program on urban culture in Buenos Aires, from Jan 1-Jan 11.  I'm wondering if there are any SUNTA/CORI members or allies are currently in Buenos Aires, and who would be willing to meet up with me for an evening's discussion or two. 

When I taught on the Semester at Sea voyage around-the-world study abroad last year, I arranged to meet a SUNTA colleague based in Tokyo, and found it a hugely valuable and enriching experience for my understanding of the city, as well as an enormously enjoyable exchange of ideas (thanks David!). I wish I had had the forethought of making a similar contact in each of the ten countries we visited. 

Hence my effort to make a contact for Argentina--please send me an email if you're in Buenos Aires and willing to share your knowledge of the city! koptiuch at asu.edu

Kristin Koptiuch
Assoc Prof of Anthro
Arizona State University at the West Campus
Phoenix, AZ

ps: You may be interested to check out the web portfolios of my Semester at Sea students in Global Cities, Migration & Culture, and Field Methods, http://www.west.asu.edu/koptiuch/SAS_f06koptiuch/

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