[URBANTH-L]Field School: Action Research in the Andes 2007

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Field School: Action Research in the Andes 2007

The Center for Social Well Being offers a 3 week training program with 
courses in ethnographic field methods and languages (Spanish and Quechua) in 
the Peruvian Andes. Students are housed at the center's rural base, an adobe 
lodge on an ecological ranch in the Cordillera Blanca mountain range of the 
Callejón de Huaylas, 7 hours northeast of Lima. Coursework provides in-depth 
orientation to theory and practice in anthropological investigation that 
emphasizes methods in Participatory Action Research, Andean Ethnography and 
Ecology. Students will have the opportunity to actively engage in ongoing 
investigations in local agricultural communities to develop effective field 
research techniques, and to acquire language skills. In addition, the 
program provides excursions to museums, archaeological sites, glacial lakes 
and hotsprings; optional recreational activities include hiking, mountain 
biking, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, trekking, etc. Total cost is 
$2,100 US dollars. This includes all in-country travel, food and 
accommodations at the rural center, and course materials. The program is 
under the direction of Applied Medical Anthropologist, Patricia J. Hammer, 
Ph.D., and Ecologist, Flor de María Barreto Tosi. Dates: Session I June 6th 
through June 26th Session II Aug. 1st through Aug. 21st Application: 
phammer at wayna.rcp.net.pe Or click:

http://www.socialwellbeing.org/FieldSchool2003-3.htm Information: 

Contact Information
Patricia J. Hammer
Correo de Carhuaz
Caserío de Cajamarquilla
Ancash Peru
Phone: 511-252-2947
Email: phammer at wayna.rcp.net.pe
URL http://www.socialwellbeing.org 

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