[URBANTH-L]Details for paper submission

Deborah Pellow dpellow at maxwell.syr.edu
Sat Feb 3 08:57:11 EST 2007

TO:		SUNTA members
FROM:	Deborah Pellow, President-Elect and Program Chair
RE:	Call for papers and panels, 2007 AAA meeting, Washington DC,
November 28 to December 2

The following is the basic information for panel and paper submissions
for the Washington DC AAA meeting in November. Full details of the call
for papers are in the January Anthropology News. Hard copy submission
forms can be downloaded from the AAA website at www.aaanet.org in early

Theme: This year's program theme is "Difference, (In)equality, &
Justice." It is described in the January AN and should be on-line. There
are two stages of review: by SUNTA and by the AAA. Some relevance to the
theme is advisable.

Deadline: There are two different deadlines. 1) The deadline for
submission for individual papers, panels, and posters to AAA is March
30, 5 pm EST. After you have submitted your proposal, please let me know
for the sake of later tracking. 

2) For those of you who want to have a panel considered for "invited"
status, the deadline for submission to SUNTA is March 1.

Individual papers: While anyone can volunteer a paper, the likelihood of
its acceptance is greater if it is part of an organized session. By the
same token, together with my Program Committee, I will make every effort
to combine individually volunteered papers into panels. 

Requirements: To participate in the program, one must 1) be a member of
the Association in good standing, and 2) register for the meeting at the
time of submitting the completed proposal. Individuals are permitted
only one paper presentation and one other role (organizer, discussant or
chair) on the scientific program. Panel abstracts can be up to 500
words, individual paper abstracts up to 250 words.

Presentation: Sessions on the scientific program can be submitted as a
single (1.75 hours) session, or as a double (3.75 hours) session, but no
more. Volunteered papers are allotted a maximum of 15 minutes each.
Poster sessions are 1.75 hours with 7 presenters per session.

Alternative presentation formats: These include a single panel followed
by a poster session; simultaneous roundtables as a relaxed form of
session; or workshop. 

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